Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Like...I Hate...

I like boys with a funny personality and girls who are not fake.

I like doing nothing with someone, but still having fun.

I like wearing rings.

I like feeling at home.

I like how I can be myself with my best friend.

I like feeling control by having a camera in my hand and snapping the perfect shot.

I like the O.C.

I like the feeling of my Ugg slippers on my feet right now.

I like becoming obsessed with an outfit and wearing it 4 days straight but hanging out with different people so that they don’t realize I wore it the day before.

I like getting ready for parties with your best friend, listening to dance music.

I like the stage of a relationship when everything is new and exciting and there are so many questions.

I like stories about how people in love met, and engagement stories.

I love looking forward to an event.

Today I decided to lay low and enjoyed every minute of it.

In some ways, I love everything.

I hate when feeling guilty when I complain. (but still needing to complain)

I hate sloppy drunk people.

I hate people who think they are better than you.

I hate wallaby shoes.

I hate realizing I am wrong in a situation and having to admit I am wrong.

I hate tacky clothing choices you made a year ago.

I hate people who cry when they see you, but in a way, it's humbling.

I hate when you really admire someone, but they hardly know you at all.

I hate when your life feels like a Skins episode.

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