Monday, December 27, 2010

Old Work

This one is kind of hard to explain. I wrote this a while ago trying to explain everything I felt. All my thoughts poured out on paper. I love re-reading the way I thought. I found some old thoughts. Reminds me of what I have overcome. This one is the most positive one I found.

I really like to play up people's hands. We use them so much everyday. I think hands can change the world. I think hands show a lot of emotion. This one is basically the whole reason of peace. I have the peace sign and then the background represents the peacefulness of earth. Things that came about from nature. Interpret the heart ring the way you want.. For me, it used to represent something I had with someone.

My all-time favorite. It makes me so unbelievably happy. Exposure is the number one key. I just want to enjoy everything in life. I want to remember love and peace and life and memories and this picture; I don't know why it is just amazing!

Road of life. Obstacles we face. The vines and branches are everything we have met. I like this. It shows there is a light at the end of the journey. It keeps going. It never ends. This path was in Hilton Head. I loved it. It was the most relaxed I'd been in a while. I was going through a hard time then, and when I took this it reminded me I just needed to keep fighting.

This shell meant a lot to me. I'm not sure if the person who gave this to me will remember, but I felt like this shell was a symbol of our relationship. The circle keeps going until it has to end. It can't go on forever, even if I thought it would go a little longer. Even if the end was sharp and confusing. It's still beautiful to me.

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